Relocation Tools


Client and Transferee Portal

Our online portal makes it easy for our clients and their relocating employees with the ability to access real time data 24/7. The employee is able to view their individual expense management account. It will show the status of expense processing, tax withholding and gross-up calculations, total spend to date and to an overall cap, if applicable. They can also have access to their relocation policy, relocation resources and city guides.

The client portal enables the client to monitor, track and report on every aspect of their global mobility program including assignment management for their employees, expense management and employee activity. Reports and graphics are available at the push of a button to analyze trends, exceptions, accruals, and global compensation.


Mobile App

Our Mobile App provides employees with an expense management feature for completing expense reports, uploading receipts, and choosing currency options. Service provider contact information is also available for easier communication.   


Global Cost Estimator

Our team has the ability to prepare domestic and international cost estimates which provides a broad view of the potential financial implications of an employee’s relocation. This tool is set up to reflect policy parameters and the employee’s move profile such as family size, home ownership, city of origin, and destination location. Estimated costs include house hunting, household goods, temporary housing, expatriate compensation costs, home/host income, and hypothetical and social tax costs to name a few. The final cost estimate can be presented in the home country, host country or company base currency.


COLA Reports

Cost of living comparisons are available for cities around the world. This information is useful to determine if additional allowances or cost of living adjustments are warranted when an employee is moving to a more expensive location. Our database is continuously updated to reflect changes in housing, insurance, utilities and transportation costs. Fluctuations in currencies, tax regulations and cost of goods are also taken into consideration so the employee can make informed decisions prior to accepting the relocation. 


Lump Sum Calculator

For our clients that provide a lump sum to their relocating employees to cover some or all of their relocation expenses, our Lump Sum Calculator provides an easy-to-access and intuitive compilation tool. Utilizing a combination of current statistical records from the federal government with standard data sources and web-based research.