Accepted Offer Relocation Services

Once the new hire candidate has accepted the company’s offer, Relocation Coordinates will assign a Senior Relocation Manager (SRM) to guide them step-by-step through the relocation process. The Senior Relocation Manager will be the single point of contact for the employee throughout the relocation, will review the relocation policy and conduct an in-depth needs assessment. Together the SRM and the employee will develop a relocation plan once all pertinent information is gathered. Strategies for overcoming obstacles, managing costs to the policy or overall budget are reviewed with the employee. 

The SRM initiates the relocation and begins to make necessary arrangements with the service providers that have been assigned to the company’s relocation program. Scheduling house hunting trips are not recommended until a thorough needs assessment has been completed and information pertaining to community profiles, real estate stats & pricing, local and state taxes, commute times, school and child care information are discussed to ensure a productive trip to the new area.