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For more than 30 years, Relocation Coordinates International has been a leading provider of global relocation services for a diverse set of clients that vary in size, industry, and relocation volume. As the company has grown, we have built an unrivaled reputation on reliability, trust, and genuine care. Our team of relocation specialists is dedicated to providing an extraordinary client experience that exceeds every expectation.

The key to our success is our corporate culture, our investment in long-term relationships with our clients, and our pursuit of innovation. We avoid limits on our creativity and flexibility by being a company not driven by transaction volume but embracing every relocation as special and unique. The breadth of our coverage includes the Americas, EMEA, Asia and Pacific Rim.

Many companies experience challenges securing and retaining the top talent that may be unique to their location or industry. Relocation Coordinates International is skilled in developing customized and effective solutions to support our clients in achieving their hiring and relocation goals. Through personalized, in-depth service, we offer solutions to increase job acceptance rates and improve relocation success.

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Relocation Coordinates International is a leading global relocation management company providing mobility services to corporations worldwide. Our people act as advocates for your people.

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Supply Chain Management

Relocation Coordinates International has cultivated a large network of expert suppliers in the relocation industry. All of our service partners are highly rated and respected.

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Service Delivery

Our exceptional service delivery is the cornerstone to our success. We closely monitor our providers to ensure they work with our clients' relocation goals and objectives.

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Changing Your Hiring Process Improves Relocations

From searching for candidates to training new employees, the hiring process is extremely important to the success of a relocation. The interactions between your company and the new employee before they even step foot into your office can have a significant impact on whether or not they remain part of your team long term. 

Attract High Level Talent with These Three Specialty Relocation Services

Relocating for a position is considered one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Many believe it produces only slightly less stress than getting married or losing one’s job. Any extra effort your company puts into your relocation packages will greatly improve the likelihood of a successful relocation and ensure it is a positive experience. 

4 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Measuring Mobility Programs

It is a positive sign when your company is experiencing a hiring surge. However, it has the potential to be an enormous burden on HR departments. During these times of growth, HR professionals are tasked with not only bringing in new talent at a steady rate, but also relocating an increasing number of these employees. 

Top Relocation Services Tips and Trends for 2016

Our Relocation Coordinates International team is continually working on developing and enhancing our corporate relocation services. We are actively implementing fresh strategies for 2016, and the New Year means we have had the opportunity to reflect on what we experienced in 2015.


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When it comes to moving, we understand every employee has unique needs and circumstances. We work with your business to develop mobility solutions tailored to your company's goals.

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